Sunday, August 9, 2015

Down Vaughn Rd to St Claire West ,then to Bathhurst down the hill and left on Davenport to Bedford St and if you look South on Bedford you get a perfect view of the C.N. Tower . From there I ended up on Bloor St and once past the science museum the high end retailers are on both sides of the Street . I cup my hands around my eyes  and press against the glass at Prada and see hand bags back lit in glass shelved cubby holes. I imagine the fashonistas entering to worship at the hand bag alter or even a modern day Wordsworth composing an ode to a bag .As I leave I notice I have slobbered on the glass and a touch of spit dribbles down from the Prada sign on the door .

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Charles Phillips and his blog ?spell check???       Nancy. hi are you confused  ?, well chaos reigns , ha ha. This is where you should click on the link to find out more and then sign up as a follower  . perhaps when you are ............